“There is something special about books... books thrill you to the marrow; they talk to you, counsel you, admit you to their living, speaking friendship.They introduce other books; each one creates a desire for another.”

- Petrarch on Bookhunting, 1346


Alexandra Hudson discusses about the leveraging culture to advance social capital. More here

USA Today:
Alexandra Hudson discusses about the moral distance from our past. More here

Indianapolis Recorder:
Alexandra Hudson discusses about tic toc tech art and rare books exhibition and virtual discourse. More here

You Are Current:
Alexandra Hudson discusses the exhibit features rare books, art with You Are Current. More here

Alexandra Hudson discusses the importance of local governance in education with CBS. More here

The Hill News:
Alexandra Hudson To Discuss Civility, Democracy. More here

The Fund For American Studies:
Introducing the 2019 Robert Novakc Journalism Fellowship Award Recipients. More here

Real Clear Politics:
Alexandra Hudson discusses about political polarization and ways to heal our fractured public discourse. More here

Trinity Western University:
Alexandra Hudson talks to her Alma mater about her work and passion for ideas. More here

Alexandra Hudson discusses how tech companies today influence our public discourse. More here

The Times:
Rotary Scholar Alexandra Hudson visits Sheridan Rotary. More here


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